8 October 2012

Review by Bella Bathurst

In The Daily Telegraph Bella Bathurst writes that The Book of Barely Imagined Beings is:
captivating...a collection as fabulous as anything Borges ever conceived...
...What stops this from becoming a conventional zoological doom-fest is the bounce of [the] writing and the breadth of [the] knowledge.
...[the] omnivorous enthusiasm for this world is infectious. One of the many charms of this lovely book is [the] skill in picking quotes from everything and everyone who might better illustrate [a] point, from Billy Connolly to Werner Herzog.
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The pot-bellied gravyboat, fathead congregant and lawless dawn-nymph are diatoms, and among the '100 All Time Diatom Greats.' There was not enough space to list them all in the book, but I have done so here.

P.S. Also today, a review by James Cartwright at It's Nice That.

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