23 October 2012

Three more reviews

Review by Anthony Davies in Ham and High (18 October):
The overall impact is stunning. It is a fine and accessible work of scholarship ... To peruse this bestiary is to begin to learn of the extraordinary variety of life forms and to touch on beings far more beautiful, intricate and fascinating than many of the man-made artefacts deriving from the world of visual arts. Henderson hopes that the Bestiary he has devised has deep lessons for the future of mankind. It is to be hoped he is right.
The Book of Barely Imagined Beings is BBC Wildlife's book of the month for November. Tom Jackson writes:
This beautifully produced resurrection of the bestiary, or compendium of animals, is a triumph ... Caspar Henderson’s update is just as imaginative and elegantly conceived [as its Medieval counterparts]: the delightful difference is that the [27] beasts within are real ... Rewarding in all measures, from an idle browse to an immersive page turn, this is zoological writing at its very best.
In BBC Focus Professor Jenny Clack writes:
From macaques to morality, salamanders to smallpox, sea urchins to symmetry and worms to warfare, the author guides you along so smoothly that you won't notice how he got where he was going. More than just a ‘bestiary’, Henderson’s reflections about animals are always thoughtful and entertaining and often challenging.

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