4 October 2012

First reviews

The Book of Barely Imagined Beings is published today.  Stuart Kelly, literary editor of The Scotsman, says it is:
...one of the most beautifully produced and intriguing works of non-fiction that I’ve read this year....[written] beautifully, with apt analogies and brilliantly explanatory metaphors...The Book Of Barely Imagined Beings is a delight, full of the unusual and the astonishing...
At the time of writing there are two reader reviews on Amazon. Both give it Five Stars:
Richly Imagined: This book is beautifully produced and beautifully written. It offers an original and haunting glimpse of creatures it's sometime hard to believe really exist. It'll make you look at the world with fresh (and sometimes startled) eyes.
A thing of beauty: delightful - witty and profound by turns... this book really is a thing of beauty, with the text and illustrations wonderfully integrated. It's an intellectual and aesthetic joy
Benjamin Morris writes:
I can honestly say it is one of the most beautiful and necessary books on natural history to be published in recent years. Warm, lucid, scholarly, yet overflowing with mystery and wonder: it cannot be savored long or often enough.
Real Monstrosities says the book is:
More early reviews here.

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