100 Diatom Greats

As mentioned in a post on the review of The Book of Barely Imagined Beings by Bella Bathurst:  
The Swollen Epitheme. The Gibbous Cudgel. The Comb-toothed Bestback. The Serrated Bestback. The Ant-like Bestback. Hanna’s Archway. The Circular Zenith. The Necklaced Ladderwedge. The Budding Sceptre-nymph. The Common Diatom. The Wintry Diatom. The Greenish Delicacy. The Cappuccio Delicacy. The Two Foot Congregant. The Fathead Congregant

The Tufty Table. The Marine Letter-stalk. The Oceanic Letter-stalk. The Arching Threadwand. The Musical Delight. The American Delight. The Double-rowed Surirella. The Norwegian Surirella. The Splendid Surirella. The Thinstriped Surirella. The Ovate Surirella. The Spiral Curvydisc. The Roundshield Curvydisc. The Sharpsandal Floretflank. The Elliptical Floretflank.

The Slender Denticle. The Victorian Goblet. Hantzch’s Double-prong. The Hungarian Goblet. Nitzsch’s Ant. Greville’s Curly-nymph. The Splendid Gluebreast. The Escutcheon Berry-nymph. The Pediculous Berry-nymph. Braun’s Gluebreast. The Shortfooted Foamflower. The Flexible Bestberry-nymph. The Curved Crookwede. The Average Bridge. Ehrenberg’s Gravyboat. The Pot-bellied Gravyboat. The Lancing Berrythreat. The Oval Amphora. The Budding Thinwedge. The Tapering Nailthread. The Sturdy Nailthread.

The Noble Featherjet. The Greater Coracle. The Green Featherlet. The Gibbous Featherlet. The Oblong Coracle. The Lutenis Coracle. The Twin Coracle. The Square Coracle. The Solid Coracle. The Globle-stalked Lawless Dawn-nymph. The Tupperware Shortrope. The Swollen Bentside. The Long Thin Spinsquiggle. The Javanese Sidecross. The Crimson-bellied Cross-nymph. The Interglacial Coracle. The Internal Crusade. The Winged Insect-nymph. The Double-horned Seam-nymph.

Bidulph’s Cutie. The Rhomboid Toothette. Smith’s Hornpipe. The Honeycombe Tricorn. Biddulph’s Pinstripe. The Queenly Threepearl. The Hollow Threepearl. The Blameless Throne. The Winged Halfpipe. The Elegant Karen.

The All-seeing Furrowdisc. The Rayed Furrowdisc. The Eightfold Ray-cycle. The Cross Furrowdisc. The Engraved Piccolo The Subtle Toothdisc. The Ornate Spiderdisc. The Iris Colander.

The Oceanic Endyctia. The Shiny Raygroove. The Sixfold Raygroove. The Crucial Pocket Compass. The Tasselled Crown Compass. The Subtle Crystaldisc. The Trinity Sumbol-stak. The Starry Crowndisc. The Star-bellied Footcord. The Variable Honeycord. The Small Change Honeycord. Ellerbeck’s Grain of Sand.
-- names accompanying a magnification of a slide prepared in 1871 by J.D. Möller displayed at Small Worlds: The Art of the Invisible by Heather Barnett and Will Holloway (2007)

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