3 May 2013


Ocean sunfish

Chapter 16: Pufferfish 

page 242: appetite...out of control: especially when food is painstakingly engineered to addict. "Salt+Fat²/Satisfying crunch + Pleasing mouth feel = A food designed to addict."

page 243: unholy and savage. Truth as metaphor here.  In Immoderate Greatness William Ophuls quotes Seneca:
A bull contents himself with one meadow, and a forest is enough for a thousand elephants; but the little body of a man devours more than all other creatures.

P.S. 6 May George Monbiot riffs on the pathology of the super rich and the damage it does.

This is the seventeenth in a new series of notes and comments on chapters in The Book of Barely Imagined Beings. It appears around the time of the US publication, and adds to an earlier series that appeared around UK publication.

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