14 May 2013

On Point online

I talked to Tom Ashbrook for On Point on NPR today. The talk is available to listen again here.

I referred to a poem by Les Murray. It's about cuttlefish (not squid):
Spacefarers past living planetfall
on our ever-dive in bloom crystal:
when about our self kin selves appear,
slowing, rubber to pulp, we slack from spear,
flower anemone, re-clasp and hang, welling
while the design of play is jelling,

then enfolding space, jet
every way to posit some essential set
of life-streaks in the placeless,
or we commune parallel, rouge to cerulean
as odd proposals of shape and zip floresce
– till jig-maw apparition
spurts us apart into vague as our colours shrink,
leaving, of our culture, an ectoplasm of ink.

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Anonymous said...

Loved your interview with Tom today! Thanks so much for making my day go just a little better!