20 May 2013

Yeti crab

Harlequin shrimp (page 357). Heaps of Yeti crabs here

Chapter 26: Yeti Crab

NPR's On Point featured this chapter as an excerpt on the page for their show, Fantastic Creatures.

 page 355: An introduction to deep sea vents here.  The deepest discovered so far is 5000 metres down in the Cayman trough.

page 359: robot...nurturance...killer app.  See, for example, When are we going to learn to trust robots?, Robot warriors: Lethal machines coming of ageKiller robots must be stopped, say campaigners and Wildlife that isn't alive.

page 362: Panspermia. Two geneticists have applied Moore's Law to life instead of computers, and says their data suggests that life could have preceded the earth's formation.

page 362 the building blocks of life...already present in space. These may have included pyrophosphite, a likely precursor for ATP. A "black rain" made from pulverised comets may have [also] seeded Jupiter's moons, including Europa, with the raw ingredients for life.

This is the twenty-seventh in a new series of notes and comments on chapters in The Book of Barely Imagined Beings. It appears around the time of the US publication, and adds to an earlier series that appeared around UK publication.

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