8 January 2009

Sperm to worm, womb to tomb, erection to resurrection

In New Scientist, Henry Nicholls suggests Ten extinct beasts that could walk the Earth again. The list includes the mammoth, Tasmanian tiger, glyptodon (pictured) and -- surprisingly -- the gorilla (because "the first species to be brought back from extinction will most likely be one that is alive today").

An accompanying editorial observes:
Neither [geo-engineering nor a technological fix for species extinction] is an adequate substitute for efforts to cut emissions, preserve habitats and conserve endangered species. They are, all the same, welcome reminders of what human ingenuity can achieve, and of the fact that there is only a fine line between schemes that are wild-eyed and those that are far-sighted.
P.S. 2 Feb: Extinct animal cloned for the first time.

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