24 July 2009


Alain de Botton has been reported as saying "Ferrari drivers are incredibly vulnerable and need our love and sympathy".

Brandon Keim is less indulgent when it comes to the conspicuous consumption of Bluefin tuna:
this is the brutal truth: bluefin, which beyond their intrinsic value as living creatures happen to be one of the universe's more majestic species, a Platonic ideal of oceanic speed and grace, aren't being extinguished by our greed. They're being sacrificed to our vanity, pretension, and ostentation — the most pathetic of our vices.
Hat tip Pharyngula: Destroying beauty because you can afford it.

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George Roberts said...

I quote from my poem, "Greaser"
"... have you ever noticed how bright yellow Ferraris are always driven by little ugly guys?
I don't know if this little ugly guy was a little ugly guy
but his little ugly guy sure was driving..."
Eventually I admit some sympathy and shared complicity. But they deserve to spanked - sympathetically, of course.