11 January 2010

A difference of opinion

“God is going to trash the planet,” says [an evangelical], beaming.
-- from a review of review of Waiting for Armageddon (2010).
Like all other life forms, homo sapiens cannot continue to expand limitlessly. Nor can we continue to destroy the other beings upon whom we ultimately depend. We must begin to really listen to the rest of life. As just one melody in the living opera we are repetitious and persistent. We may think ourselves creative and original but in those talents we are not alone. Admit it or not, we are only a single theme of the orchestrated life-form. [sic] With its glorious nonhuman past and its uncertain but provocative future, this life, our life, is embedded now, as it always has been, in the rest of Earth’s sentient symphony. Now, as before, life is empowered by the sun. It is a phenomenon not only molecular but astronomic. Life is open to the universe and to itself.
-- from What is Life? by Lynn Margulis & Dorian Sagan (2000), quoted by Clare Benyon.

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