22 December 2009

Towards the pebbled shore

As individuals, we blink on and off in the vortex of time with appalling evanescence, each of us, much like a firefly’s butt on a warm summer night. We come and go like waves on a beach...
-- from A Very Brief History of Eternity by Carlos Eire.
Humans are beings in time who are thrust into a world in which the first universal feature of being in time in the world is that you are an unfolding, not a thing in an unfolding, but an unfolding that is part of a greater unfolding.
-- from Buddhist Persons and EudaimoniaBuddhist by Owen Flanagan.
If some sort of transcendence is achieved beyond today’s understanding of human nature, it will not be through some individual becoming a superman. In Jaron Lanier’s Prevail Scenario, transcendence is social, not solitary. The measure is the extent to which many transform together.
-- from Radical Evolution by Joel Gareau.

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